We have a wealth of available videos on our Youtube Channel. Some describe our services, but most are of an instructional nature for our many users. Have a look!


Merging Bibliographic / MARC Records And Associated Holdings In OPALS (6:16)

Describes the process for merging Bibliographic / MARC records and associated holdings in OPALS.


Activating the Location Filter and Authorizing Locations in OPALS (9:57)

A how-to video showing procedures for Activating the Location Filter and Authorizing Locations.


Importing and Cataloging OPALS eBooks (16:20)

A how-to video showing how to import and catalog eBooks in OPALS.


Printing Barcode and Spine Labels in OPALS (12:31)

A 12-minute video showing how to print barcode and spine labels in OPALS.


ILL Process Using a Union Catalog in OPALS (13:11)

An instructional video on procedures for Inter-Library Loans using a Union Catalog in OPALS.


Using the OPALS Beginner Search in the Peru Elementary Library Catalog (4:30)

An instructional video on using the OPALS Beginner Search in the Peru Elementary Library Catalog.


Editing The OPALS Home Page – Part 1 (10:59)

An instructional video on how to edit your OPALS home page.


Editing the OPALS Home Page – Part 2 (8:12)

More about editing your OPALS Home Page.


Barcode Range Assignment & Tables (8:02)

An instructional video on how to use Barcode Range Assignment and tables in OPALS.


John Abbott College Guide to Using OPALS (6:38)

An instructional video created by John Abbott College for their users on how to use the OPALS interface.


Delete Items By Hitlist Tool (6:27)

An instructional Video on how to delete items using the Hitlist Tool.


Creating Topic Walls for Your OPALS Home Page (7:02)

An instructional video on how to create topic walls and then place them on your OPALS home page.


Procedures for Cataloging Using Z-import (11:21)

An instructional video on OPALS cataloging using Z-import.


OPALS presents: Database Access Tips (2:49)

Here are four useful tips when accessing databases with OPALS.


Ron Gillies: Managing Public Library Collections With Statistics (52:00)

Ron Gillies speaks on “Building Advocacy Evidence in Public Libraries”.


Highlights from the 2017 OPALS Advisory Board Meeting (2:05)

Selected highlights from the OPALS Advisory Board Meeting, held in Montreal from July 7-9, 2017.


OPALS Overview Video (1:53)

A brief overview of just some of the many features found in OPALS (OPen-source Automated Library System).


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